Thursday, 16 September 2010

Regular Pattern vs Random Marks

We experimented with different printing methods in the last class with Janet. One of my more effective efforts was the potato print above, using ordinary printing ink onto an onion-skin-dyed hanky. But... It hasn't inspired me to add any stitching.
I used another piece of onion-dyed calico to clean the potato block between colours and mop up any mess with the result that it inspired lots of machine stitching: 
I added a couple of squares of potato printed linen on the bottom right to add texture, used a piece of old blouse for stability and really enjoyed letting my machine wander at will. I then applied it to the old table cloth, with a further layer of very fine tea-dyed hanky, fusing it all down kantha style. I like the contrast between the rough feel of the machine stitching and the softer, more flowing hand stitching.
I had another go at printing in a regular pattern with better stitching success:
Shop bought stamp on the last remnant of an old linen skirt, free-machine stitched. I still prefer the more chaotic effect though...


  1. Thank you! I guess I just have to wait for it to tell me what it needs next...


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