Monday, 14 June 2010

Human Markings

I like the idea of multiple realities, of being able to communicate across time and between parallel space-times. I’ve been wondering how I might be able to express this idea with textiles. I’m wondering how layering different textiles would work on developing this theme. Would I use see-through material with similar but different embroidery worked on them, so that you could just see through to worlds beyond? Or would the layers be solid and only visible by lifting up a ‘portal’ through to the adjoining world? Would there be clues between layers, a trope repeated as a guide through the universe?
I am currently taking part in Janet Clare's workshop where we were encouraged to put a mood board together. Mine, above, draws inspiration from Gizella K Warburton, Nigel Peake's 'Maps' book, Judy Buxton, Kurt Schwitters , Paul Feiler and John Piper.
I will be experimenting with multiple realities and textiles over the next few months. You are welcome to join me.


  1. Think this looks wonderful... I love the ideas behind your work and will be following this all with great interest!


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