Thursday, 22 July 2010

Pulling it Together

Had an inspirational day at the Journey workshop this week. Janet helped us think about how to use our samples as a route to a finished piece. She gently encouraged me not to get too attached to what I have done so far, but to incorporate the techniques from the pieces I like into a new design.
Due to Janet's vast store of ideas, I've changed direction slightly and have now got 2 paths to follow: a sort of family-story-cloth starting with some gifted linen...
...which will be gradually added to over time.
I've made a start by dipping it in coffee and sewing an archway...
...and may put this in the middle
 - stitched by my daughter -
cut out but kept ragged edged.

The second idea stays with the 'Garden of Forking Paths' but involves making a series of holey stacking bowls or vessels that can be turned and swapped around. So the challenge now is to make something that has a drapey feel while being stiff enough to hold its shape...

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